Event: Market, Tielle 2
Event Market Tielle2
"So many sweets in so much less stomach"
Participants Recette and Tielle
Unlocked Get Tielle as customer
Location Market Morning, Noon
Part of Chain? Yes, 2/4
Priority 2

How to unlock

  • Unlock Tielle as customer
  • 2nd Part of Tielle's Event Chain "Sister Search"


  • '/' separates the text like in the game if cutting a sentence.
  • Visuals are the images which sometimes show up next to a characters head when expressing certain emotions, such as sighing, surprise, etc...


[Tielle (sad, closed eyes) right]



[Recette (smiling) comes from left]


Oh, hi, Tielle!

Tielle, opens Eyes

Hi, Recette...

Recette, worried

Tielle, are you okay? You don't look so good.


I... just ate Mt. Sweet's Demon Parfait in under 30 minutes...

Recette, surprised

Even a hungry Louie couldn't eat all that so fast!


It was really tough...
[Happy, closed Eyes]But it was so, so good! And since I beat the challenge, it was free!

Recette, wondering

Where did you FIT all that inside that little body of yours?


Hey, you know how it is! You can always find room for yummy sweets!


Yeah, but...


Alright, so what's next...

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