Event: Market, Tielle 1
"The Pie marks the spot! And that one, and that one..."
Participants Recette and Tielle, later Tear
Unlocked Get Tielle as customer
Location Market Morning, Noon
Part of Chain? Yes, 1/4
Priority 1

How to unlock

  • Unlock Tielle as customer
  • 1nd Part of Tielle's Event Chain "Sister Search"


  • '/' separates the text like in the game if cutting a sentence.


[Tielle (happy smiling, closed eyes) from right]



[Recette (smiling) comes from left]


Hi, Tielle! You seem like you're in a good mood!

Tielle, opens Eyes

Recette! Look at this! Look!

Recette, confused

Huh? A big piece of paper? Uh...
"Beinge a Mape of Confectionesse / to be Fonde in the Citee of Penseeee..."
[surprised, with a !-showing up] WHAAAT?!

Tielle, closes Eyes again

Isn't it awesome !? I'm gonna try them all, for sure!

Recette, moans loudly

Holy crap! I wanna eat one of those "Murderous Mountblancs"!


Yeah, that's a good one, Recette! I knew you'd get it!
However... today's target is THIS one! The "Ghost World Pumpkin Tart"! Made from real Pumpkin Ghosts!
[Setting up a serious face] It's only sold here when a famous world-traveling partisserie is in town!
They're here now and if I don't get one now, when will I?!
[Back to happy face] So I'm gonna get one! See you later

[Tielle goes out]

Recette, moaning in envy, sad expression

Aww, now I really want one.

[Tear comes from the left]


That's all well and good, but...
Do you... think she still remembers her "find my sister" quest?

Recette, thinking (neutral expression)

Y'know, now that you mention it...

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