Event: Lecture, Debt
Placeholder other
Participants Recette and Tear
Unlocked Hardcoded: Reach Day 3
Location Store Morning

How to unlock

  • Automatically on Day 3


  • '/' separates the text like in the game if cutting a sentence.
  • Visuals are the images which sometimes show up next to a characters head when expressing certain emotions, such as sighing, surprise, etc...



Recette, May I have a moment, please?

Recette, Question-mark next to her head

Sure, what's up?


Concerning the debt...
I have a suggestion concerning its repayment.


You do?


Paying it all back at once is wholly beyond your means, / so I recommend smaller weekly payments to slowly chip away at it.

Recette, sweat dropping, but smiling

"Wholly beyond?" ... uh, you know, / you never told me how big Papa's debt is, excactly...

Tear, happy smiling (with closed eyes)

That is because you would faint if you found out. For now, it is a secret.

Recette, fear/disbelief

I-I'd... faint?...

Tear, opens Eyes

As the store begins to build up steam, we will increase payment size.

Shows small pic of calendar

The repayment date nearest to the current date, along with the / amount due, will be displayed on the calender in the main menu.
Please be sure to check it regulary.

Recette, smiles again

Kay-ya! I'll keep an eye on it!

End of event

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