Event: Chapel, Recette
Placeholder other
"Say Tear, are you a racketeer?"
Participants Recette and Tear
Unlocked Day 3
Location Chapel All Day except Night
Priority 2

How to unlock

  • Arrive on Day 3


  • '/' separates the text like in the game if cutting a sentence.
  • Visuals are the images which sometimes show up next to a characters head when expressing certain emotions, such as sighing, surprise, etc...


[Tear left, Recette right]


Say, Tear, you came from a, uh... fiance company, right?


What on earth a-
... yes, that is right. I work for Terme Finance.


So you're employed by them, right? What's it like?


Erm... no. That is not quite accurate.
I was contracted to Terme through another organization.
Thus, I am not really an employee per se.

Recette, surprised (with visual)

So you're just contracted? I'm surprised, you seem so-

Tear, interrupts Recette

It is not that surprising. Almost all fairies in human society belong to a / fairy-specific contract agency.
There are, of course, a few free-agent fairies out there as well and-

Recette, interrupts her as well, looks normal again

So that's how it works.


Er, yes. To tell the truth, it can be difficult for fairies to find / employment in human society, so the agencies were founded an age ago / in order to help facilitate fairy livelihoods.


That's amazing!


... Quite.

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