Event: Chapel, Caillou 1
"The Pie marks the spot! And that one, and that one..."
Participants Caillou and Recette
Unlocked Get Caillou as customer
Location Chapel Morning, Noon
Priority 1

How to unlock

  • Unlock Caillou as customer
  • Unknown if specific day, saw on Day 10


  • '/' separates the text like in the game if cutting a sentence.
  • Visuals are the images (like !, ?, etc.) which sometimes show up next to a characters head when expressing certain emotions, such as sighing, surprise, etc...


[Caillou from right]


Ugh. This place is dull as a rock today

[Recette from the left]


Oh, Caillou! Hello.

Caillou, looking disappointed/dull

What the... [AN: unreadable Word]. They aren't giving out candy today, you know.

Recette, disappointed

Oh come on! I'm totally to old to come here fishing for candy!
... which kind of makes me sad... but that's not the point!

Caillou, smiling

Oh that reminds me. Yesterday Kunurp in the market was handing out / those signature mud pies the store makes to anyone who wanted one.
[closes Eyes] Heaven, those are great.

Recette, sad surprised (open eyes), ! showing up

[Closes Eyes again] Why didn't you come get me, then?!
Now I want one, too...

Caillou, sighing (with sigh-bubble coming out of mounth)

You're about as predictable as a mud pie, too...

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