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Eraser Claw
Eraser claw
Item box
Ancient claw unearthed by a group of assassins. Supposedly erases the victim from all memory.
Type Claws
Equippable by Griff
Effect ATK+150 DEF-8 MDEF+20
Base price 470000 pix
Buyback price
High:  169200 pix
Normal:  141000 pix
Low:  112800 pix



  • Fusion Recipe
Ingredient Amount
Soul Eater 1
Remetogen 1
Brave Heart 1

Ingredient Amount
Eraser Claw 1
Nephilim Claw 1
Black Horn 1

Additional Notes

  • The Omnipotent Claw can only reach a bonus of +12 since the process of upgrading it from Soul Eater to Eraser Claw up to Omnipotent Claw only uses 3 ingredients with bonuses, one which is used when making the Eraser Claw, a Brave Heart+4. As such, it's advisable to try and obtain as high a bonus on a Brave Heart as possible before fusing an Eraser Claw to create the best final claw possible in the game.

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