Endless Bliss

Recette checks her shop one more time before opening for another day of blissful, worry-free sales. Note that the upper-left indicates Day 95, which is only possible in Endless Mode.

Endless Mode is unlocked by beating the game.  It's not present as an option on the title screen; the way you go into Endless Mode is by choosing to load (and thus continue) any freshly-Cleared file.  Essentially, you will resume from where you left off (Day 37), and can do whatever you want without having to worry about paying off any more debt!

Atmosphere & Space

  • You retain any store size expansions you purchased, which means you keep all your counters.  This, in turn, means all the items you had on display will be left right where you had them.  Vending Machine items are kept as well.
  • Your atmospheric decorations will be retained (walls, floor, carpet, and counters).

Money & Merchant Levels

  • You will retain any pix you had left over after making the final 500k payment.  This is the only mode where you keep your money.
  • You will retain your Merchant Level and all associated abilities.
  • You will retain all Customer Reputation levels and their associated budgets.


  • You will retain all items in your inventory, as well as anything you had on display on your counters, and as mentioned above, everything will be left right where you had it.

Adventurers & Dungeons

  • You will still have any Adventurers available to you that you had at the initial end of the Cleared file.  Moreover, you can now take your time to watch any scenes or clear any dungeons necessary to recruit those who remain.
  • You will still have any Dungeons available to you that you had at the initial end of the Cleared file, and you can enter them at whatever floors you had available.  Those you didn't have can still be unlocked through their normal means.
  • Additionally, there are two dungeons that you can unlock and play in Endless Mode that you cannot gain access to in any other mode:

No Debt to Repay

One of the main points of this mode is that there is no debt to repay anymore, as it's already been paid in full.  There are no more weekly payments, so any profits you make are 100% yours to do with whatever you want.

Cannot Be Re-Cleared

It is important to note that, true to its name, Endless Mode cannot be formally re-cleared like a New Game +, so it cannot be used to earn True Cards other than Arma's, which can only be earned in Endless Mode (although, in this editor's opinion, one can consider clearing the Lapis Ruins to be some sort of closure for Endless Mode if they like, as you get a rather lengthy story scene after it, though you do still get to keep playing even after that).

Other Aspects of Endless Mode

  • The Day counter does go above 99, although it'll start clipping its circle-shaped container on the left side once it hits 100.  (Does it go over 1,000?  Has anyone bothered to play that much?)

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