The Wandering Jellyfish

Electrojelly is a boss in Recettear. It can only be damaged by striking its tentacles, spawns ropers and can perform lightning attacks. A stronger, pink version of it exists in later dungeons.



Location Level HP Drops (c, r)
Obsidian Tower (10F) 29 990 Jellystone, Seafood Bowl, Masterful Sushi
Lapis Ruins (40F) 49 1590

Crystal Nightmare

Location Level HP Drops (c, r)
40F 66 2100 Jellystone, Plate of Grief
53F 88 2760 Jellystone, Nevan's Armband

Boss Behaviour


Staying underneath the torso is a safe method of taking no hits if HPs are low. To cause damage, strike the tentacles after Electrojelly swings them.

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