Item box
An exotic, very tasty, and, uh, spiky southern fruit. Doubles as a blunt weapon in a pinch.
Type Food
Effect Recovers 999HP, Lose 500SP
Base price 8000 pix
Purchase price
High:  6720 pix
Normal:  5600 pix
Low:  4480 pix
Buyback price
High:  2880 pix
Normal:  2400 pix
Low:  1920 pix

How to get

  • Purchasable from the Market at Merchant Level 23.
  • Random drop from enemies in dungeons.
  • Buy from customers

Additional Notes

  • With a +4 Item Bonus this item can recover 1798HP.
  • A very powerful healing item that is perfect for high HP low SP melee fighters who can get by with cheap SP recovery items.
  • Even when the "Consumables half as effective" floor effect active it will still heal a very high amount. It also subtracts half as much SP.
  • It is particularly useful when using Arma, as her only skill is very situational, which makes the SP loss much more manageable. She also has high HP, which makes her benefit more from it. 

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