A Dungeon is a specific area where the player can use an adventurer to fight monsters. Dungeons can be accessed via the Adventurer's Guild.

Dungeon List

Name Number of Levels Unlocked By Unlocks
The Hall of Trials 5 Starting a new game The Jade Way
The Jade Way 15 Finishing The Hall of Trials Charme
Amber Garden 30 Finishing The Jade Way, Tielle's scene in Town Square, Charme's scene in Shop Tielle
Obsidian Tower 50 Finishing Amber Garden, Tielle's scenes in Shop, Tear's scene in Bedroom, Griff's two scenes in Town Square and one in shop, Louie's scene in Shop Griff
Lapis Ruins 100 Finishing Obsidian Tower and having every Business Card except Arma's, playing in Endless Mode Arma
Crystal Nightmare 30 Finishing Lapis Ruins, playing in Endless Mode

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