Dragon Fang
Dragon Fang
Item box
The straight-up fang of a dragon who could bite through anything. He still lives, missing his fang.
Type Daggers
Equippable by Charme
Effect ATK +100 DEF +10 MAG-8 MDEF +15
Base price 214000 pix
Buyback price
High:  77040 pix
Normal:  64200 pix
Low:  51360 pix


  • Crystal Nightmare chest loot. Like all Crystal Nightmare loots, this can also be found in the chests at the end of the boss run.
  • Also a Lapis Ruins relatively rare chest loot.

Additional Notes

With good ATK and moderate benefit to DEF and MDEF, this can be considered quite a good weapon, however its only known location make it somewhat less desirable than stronger or more easily attained weapons.

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