Disc Unit
Disc Unit
Item box
An arm unit which fires rainbowed, disc-shaped blades. Legend say the discs contain information. Oh well.
Type Parts
Equippable by Arma
Effect ATK+24 MAG-4
Base price 9000 pix
Buyback price
High:  3240 pix
Normal:  2700 pix
Low:  2160 pix



Despite the description, the Disc Unit does not make Arma shoot CDs at enemies... unless the CDs where you come from are covered in razor blades. Using the Disc Unit, Arma shoots out a blade disc that returns like a boomerang and hits any enemy on the way out or the way back, but not both. It consumes only 0.5 Ammo, which makes reloading time a minimal problem. Arma can act quickly out of firing, which makes it useful against fast striking enemies. It deals very low damage and Arma can only have 2 discs out at one time though, which can be troublesome for fighting stronger Enemies and Bosses.

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