Daggers are a type of Equipment that can be used by Charme.

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List of Daggers

Name Purchase
ATK DEF MAG MDEF Description Categories Notes
Rusty DaggerRusty Dagger 280 400 +8 0 0 0 A well-worn, pitted dagger. Still usable for practice, at least. Metal
Crafter's KnifeCrafter's Knife 980 1,400 +14 0 0 0 A knife used by craftsmen everywhere. Good for carving wood, clay, meat... and the occasional berk. Metal
Thiefs KnifeThief's Knife 2,380 3,400 +19 -3 0 +3 Not actually JUST for thieving, but still light, easy to use, and favored by rookie and veteran alike. Metal
Survival KnifeSurvival Knife n/a 5,200 +25 0 0 0 Made for surviving in the wilds. Cuts rope, food, crocodiles and throats with equal ease. Metal
Level 1 Fusion
Pure EdgePure Edge 5,950 8,500 +32 +3 0 -3 A dagger honed while meditating on the concept of cutting. Careful, cutter, or you might cut yourself. Metal
The SculptorThe Sculptor n/a 15,000 +40 0 +5 0 Used by a famous sculptor, and can reportedly cut stone. Fantastic for the "self-employed". Weapons
FullbladeFullblade 21,000 30,000 +48 -7 0 0 The man who made this spent his whole life honing the edge, down to the handguard. Metal
Tuna ShankerTuna Shanker 31,500 45,000 +62 0 0 -5 Originally an anti-tuna longsword, someone spent so much time sharpening this, it became a dagger. Metal
Twisted BladeTwisted Blade n/a 80,000 +70 +5 0 +10 Oddly-shaped blade that allows the wielder to slice an enemy's throat, regardless of position. Weapons Level 2 Fusion
AtouAtou n/a 130,000 +82 0 +10 0 A strange dagger of unknown construction. What is not unknown is how incredibly sharp it is. Weapons
Dragon FangDragon Fang n/a 214,000 +100 +10 -8 +15 Weapons
GhostbladeGhostblade n/a 306,000 +126 0 10 -5 Sinister
Level 4 Fusion
Assassin BladeAssassin Blade n/a 423,000 +156 0 +15 +10 Sinister
CultistDaggerCultist Dagger n/a 642,000 +176 -20 -10 -20 Used in forbidden rituals devoted to the rulers of the outer dark. Is the weapon evil... or is the user? Sinister
Master's DaggerMaster's Dagger n/a 1,160,000 +184 0 0 0 Weapons Level 5 Fusion

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