Crystal Rod
Crystal Rod
Item box
The crystal mounted on the staff is chipped, but still very powerful. Could it be repaired?...
Type Staves
Equippable by Caillou
Effect ATK+34, MAG+68
Base price 52000 pix
Buyback price
High:  18720 pix
Normal:  15600 pix
Low:  12480 pix



Can be used to create True Crystal Rod True Crystal Rod (Rank 4 Staff)

Ingredient Amount
Starstone StaffStarstone Staff 1
Crystal RodCrystal Rod 1
Darkness CrystalDarkness Crystal 5

Additional Notes

  • Despite the order of its listing in the fusion recipe, it is weaker than a Starstone Staff.
  • This is the first staff not available through purchase or fusion.
    • This means staves are the only weapon type whose first chest-only item is better than its Tier 5 item from the Merchant's Guild.

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