The Crystal Nightmare is the sixth and final dungeon in Recettear and contains all of the best equipment that is required for Fusion.


To unlock it, you must clear Lapis Ruins. Unlike the other dungeons there is no announcement that a new dungeon has been discovered, it is simply there when you next enter the 'select dungeon' page.

Dungeon Crawling

The Crystal Nightmare differs to the previous dungeons. It has 4 stages:

  • 1-10
  • 11-20
  • 21-30
  • Boss Rush

(As of v1.108) Each stage does not have to be cleared first to unlock the next one. There are no bosses within the normal dungeon which consists of 29 very large floors with an exit door on the 10th, 20th and 30th floors. The 30th floor contains no enemies and reward chests proportional to the number of floors that have been cleared in a row: clearing 21-30F results in one chest, clearing 11-30F results in two chests, and 1-30F results in three chests. Nearly all floors have a negative effect, and floors never have a positive effect.

Enemies increase in level significantly as you progress through the floors compared with other dungeons which combined with the 10 levels between exit doors can make for a very long trip that can easily kill the unprepared adventurer. This level progression is the same as the bosses listed below. Conversely, since the later levels are much harder than the early ones, once one is able to clear levels 21-30, it may be worth doing levels 1-30 in one go. Since the earlier levels will require far less food, this will result in more reward chests for only a little additional risk. If one is collecting items along the way inventory space will become an issue, so this is mostly an endgame tactic when doing reward chest runs for rare items.

Boss Rush

The Crystal Nightmare boss rush consists of 30 levels, with 60F containing 3 equipment chests with chances of very rare items. This boss rush pits you against every boss in the game at higher and higher levels, with the majority of the bosses dropping a very rare piece of equipment used in Level 5 Fusion recipes. All of these items possess very strong bonuses to their primary stat with the majority suffering significant penalties to any of the other 3. All items can have a bonus modifier up to +4.





Drops (c, uc, r)

31F The Crowned Slime 51 1100 Slime Liver, Slime Stone, N/A
32F Reginald Drisby 52 1680 Tail, N/A, Samael's Mantle
33F Charme 54 1160 Fullblade, N/A, Cultist Dagger
34F Eyebat King 56 1200 Coffee Beans, N/A, Assassin's Hood
35F The Insect King 57 1830 Tough Shell, Insect King Shell, N/A
36F Volcanicrab 59 2142 Tough Shell, N/A, Heretic Necklace
37F The Crowned Slime (x2) 61 1300 Slime Liver, Slime Stone, N/A
38F Tielle 62 1320 Ace's Bow, N/A, Succubus Bow
39F Samhain 64 2040 Flytrap Bulb, Medicine Base, N/A
40F Electrojelly 66 1400 Jellystone, N/A, Plate of Grief
41F Eyebat King (x2) 68 1440 Coffee Beans, N/A, Faust's Bargain
42F Terran Golem 69 2190 Big Screw, N/A, Asuran Helm
43F Griff 71 3000 Meditation Ring, N/A, Dracozombie Wing
44F The Insect King (x2) 73 2310 Tough Shell, Insect King Shell, N/A
45F The Gauntlet 74 1560 Darkness Crystal, Wyvern Horn, Black Horn
46F Griff & The Archdevil's Arm 76 3200 Meditation Ring, N/A, Nephilim Claw
47F Samhain (x2) 78 2460 Flytrap Bulb, Medicine Base, N/A
48F Reginald Drisby (v2) 79 2490 Tail, N/A, Sealed Shield
49F Eyebat King (x3) 81 1700 Coffee Beans, N/A, Necromonicon
50F The Insect King (x3) 83 2610 Tough Shell, Insect King Shell, N/A
51F The Crowned Slime (x3) 85 1780 Slime Liver, Slime Stone, N/A
52F Samhain (x3) 86 2700 Flytrap Bulb, Medicine Base, Ebon Talisman
53F Electrojelly (v2) 88 1840 Jellystone, N/A, Nevan's Armband
54F Arma 90 4700 Big Screw, Black Horn, Bloodblade
55F The Gauntlet (x2) 91 1900 Darkness Crystal, Wyvern Horn, Black Horn
56F Reginald Drisby (v3) 93 2910 Tail, N/A, Abyssal Glaive
57F Terran Golem (v2) 95 2970 Big Screw, N/A, Demongod Hand
58F Volcanicrab (v2) 96 3000 Tough Shell, N/A, Devil's Will
59F The Geddon Device 98 6120 (2040) Big Screw, N/A, Pandora Unit

Chest Contents

A table of items that can be found in chests in this dungeon by level they were discovered. An asterisk after an item indicates that the item cannot be purchased.

Floor 30 marks the reward chests after clearing the normal Crystal Nightmare; floor 60 is the same for the Boss Rush. Floor 38 is the fight against Tielle.

This list is incomplete. Feel free to add items you found to expand it.

Floor Items Treasures

Ancient ArmorAncient Helm, Arc Saber*, Ak-kai Claw*, Battle Sweater, Belenite Plate*, Blazing Charm*, Bone Helm*, Cane's Staff, Catclaw, Causmedia*, Chobham Armor, Crystal Rod*, Crystal Sword, Cupid's Bow*Demonbane, Disc Unit*, Dudely Mitts*, Fairy BraceletFlameguard*, Fullblade, Fur Robe, Gatling Unit*Giant's Fist, Goetia Robe*, Guardian Armor*, Hammer Arm, Harp Bow, Holy Sword*, Hood's Outfit, Imperial Cape*, Jade Shield, King-shell Chest*, Magical Hat, Perfect Shirt*, Pirate Hat, Platinum HalberdPower Wrist*, Punch Unit, Rainbow Mail, Sailor Suit, Salamander Shield*Sandwich Plate, Shell Charm, Soul Ring*, Spellclaw, Spirit Magatama*, Stoneform Armor*Superarm Band, The Sculptor*, Trailblazers*, Tuna Shanker, Victory Charm*, Violet Necklace, Whalekiller, White Gauntlet, Wing Charm

Blue Teacup*, Candlestick*, Cat Statue*, Golden Scales, Old Clock*, Old Teacup*, Raccoon Statue*, Welcome Bear*
6-10 Ace's Bow, Ancient Helm, Armadillo Armor*, Atou*, Battle Boots, Battle Sweater, Belenite Plate*, Blazing Charm*, Bone Helm*, Catclaw, Chobham Armor, Crystal Rod*, Crystal Sword, Cupid's Bow*, Dragon Fang*, Drill Arm, "Fall from Grace", Fairy Bracelet, Flameguard*, Fullblade, Full HelmFur Robe, Gothic Outfit*Gravity Cannon*, Guardian Armor*, Gumball Unit*, Harp Bow, Heavenly Heels*, Hevelius*Hood's Outfit, Imperial Cape*, King-shell Chest*, Kitty Hood*, Lobster*, Lesato*, Mana Charm*, Pearl ShieldPerfect Shirt*Pirate Hat, Power Wrist*, Sailor Suit, Salamander Shield*, Sandwich Plate, Shell Charm, SpellclawSpirit-beast Robe, Starstone Staff*, Superarm Band, Violet NecklaceWhite Gauntlet, Wing Charm, Winged Boots*

Blue Teacup*, Cat Statue*, Candlestick*Gold Candy*, Messy Scroll*, Old Clock*, Old Teacup*, Raccoon Statue*, Silver Watch*, Sticky Pottery*

11-15 Ak-kai Claw*, Alleus*, Ancient Armor, Ancient Helm, Angel Bracelet*Armadillo Armor*, Battle Boots, Battle Sweater, Bone Helm*, Cane's Staff, Catclaw, Causmedia*Chobham Armor, Club, Cupid's Bow*, Crystal Rod*, Crystal Sword, Demonbane, Dragon Fang*Druid Mantle, Dudely Mitts*, Fairy Bracelet, Fire Dragon Claw*, Flameguard*, Hammer Arm, Harp Bow, Hood's Outfit, King-shell Chest*, Lesato*, Lobster*, Magical Hat, Mana Charm*, Pearl Shield, Perfect Shirt*, Pirate Hat, Platinum Halberd, Rainbow Mail, Sailor SuitSalamander Shield*, Shell Charm, Spellclaw, Spirit-beast Robe, Spirit Magatama*, Starstone Staff*, The Sculptor*, White Gauntlet, Wing Charm, Winged Boots*, Wyvern Wing* ,Hevelius*

Blue Teacup*, Candlestick*, Cat Statue*, Dragon Ornament*Glass Flower*, Gold Candy*, Golden Pedestal, Golden Scales, Hawk Statue*, Messy Scroll*, Old Clock*,  Old Teacup*, Raccoon Statue*, Silver Watch*


Arc Saber*Ancient Helm, Battle Sweater, Blazing Charm*, Cane's Staff, Catclaw, Cupid's Bow*, Cobra Spear*, Crystal Rod*, Crystal Sword, Fairy BraceletFisherman Flag, Full Helm, Jade Shield, Lobster*, Magical Hat, Pearl ShieldPunch Unit, Remetogen*, Shell Charm, Soul Ring*Spellclaw, Superarm Band, The Sculptor*

Cat Statue*, Gentlecat Statue*, Old Teacup*, Silver Watch*, Skull Candle*

21-25 Angel Bracelet*Arc Saber*, Armadillo Armor*, Atou*Demonbane, Cane's Staff, Chobham Armor, Dudely Mitts*, Fairy Bracelet, Flameguard*, Fullblade, Full Helm, Giant's Fist, Goetia Robe*Harp Bow, Holy Sword*, Hood's Outfit, Legendary Scarf, Lesato*, Magical Hat, Pearl Shield, Pirate Hat, Platinum Halberd, Power Wrist*, Rainbow Mail, Spirit-beast Robe, The Sculptor*, Tuna Shanker, Violet Necklace, Wing Charm

Blue Teacup*, Candlestick*, Cat Statue*, Gentlecat Statue*, Golden Scales, Old Teacup*, Pharmacist Glasses*

26-29 Ancient Helm, Battle Sweater, Belenite Plate, Bone Helm*, Cane's Staff, Fire-Dragon Claw*, Fullblade, Full Helm, Ishtoril*, Jade Shield, King-shell Chest*, Pirate Hat, Platinum Halberd, Power Wrist*, Shell Charm, Starstone Staff*,  Violet Necklace, Wing Charm, Winged Boots* Gentlecat Statue*,

Gold Candy*, Hawk Statue*, Miniature Castle*, Silver Watch*

30 Battle Boots, Belenite Plate*, Catclaw, Diana's Heart, Dragon Buster*, Dragon Fang*, Imperial Cape*, Leather Glove, Magical Hat, Mana Charm, Phalanx Cannon, Pirate HatRainbow Mail, Raincoat, Rusty Dagger, Sandwich Plate, Trailblazers*, Warrior's Helm

Cat Statue*, Golden Pedestal, Old Teacup*Pot Stand*

38 Ace's Bow, Alleus*, Arc Saber*, Armadillo Armor*, Atou*, Battle Sweater, Blazing Charm*, Bone Helm*, Breaker Sword*, Cane's Staff, Catclaw, Club, Crystal Sword, Cupid's Bow*, Evil Claw, Flameguard*, Fleece Muffler, Fullblade, Full Helm, Fur Robe, Giant's Fist, Hood's Outfit, King-shell Chest*, Magical Hat, Old Cape, Pearl Shield, Pirate Hat, Platinum Halberd, Power Wrist*, Pure Edge, Rainbow Mail, Sailor Suit, Salamander Shield*, Sandwich Plate, Shell Charm, Spirit-beast Robe, Spirit Magatama*, Steel Claw, The Sculptor*, Whalekiller, White Gauntlet, Wing Charm, Winged Boots* Blue Teacup*, Cat Statue*, Golden Pedestal, Golden Scales*, Goldfish Bowl*, Messy Scroll*, Old Teacup*, Silver Photo Stand*, Silver Watch*, Skull Candle*, Starsand Hourglass*

Ace's Bow, Ak-kai Claw*, Alleus*, Ancient Helm, Angel Bracelet*, Arc Saber*, Armadillo Armor*, Assassin Blade*, Atou*, Battle Boots, Belenite Plate*, Blazing Charm, Blue Line Shield*, Bone Helm, Breaker Sword*, Cane's Staff, Chobham Armor, Cloth Robe, Club, Crafter's Knife*, Crystal Rod*, Crystal Sword, Cupid's Bow*, Demonbane, Divine Finger*, Dragon Fang*, Eos Robe*, Dragon's Mane*, Druid Mantle, Dudely Mitts*, Emperor's Crown*, Fairy Bracelet, Fairy Misanga, "Fall From Grace", Ferromin L*, Fullblade, Fur Robe, Gentleman's Suit*, Goetia Robe*, Golden Helm, Gothic Outfit*, Grand NaginataGravity Cannon*, Gumball Unit*, Harp Bow, Heaven's Key*, Heavenly Heels*, Hevelius*, Holy Sword*, Hood's Outfit, Imperial Cape*, Iron Sandals*, King-shell Chest*, Kitty Hood*, Leather Armor, Leather Glove, Legendary Armor*, Legendary Sword*, Love Charm*, Magical Hat, Mana Charm*, Megaflame Staff*, Messiah Unit*, Moonlight Robe*, Mythic Beast Plate*, Omega Ferromin, Perfect Shirt*, Pitted Pot, Phoenix Garb*, Pirate Hat, Platinum Halberd, Practice Lance, Pretty Wand*, Rainbow Mail, Remetogen*, Shell Charm, Sandwich Plate, Spirit Magatama*, Starstone Staff*, Stoneform Armor*, Superarm Band, Thief's Knife, Trailblazers*, Tuna Shanker, Valkyrie Plate*, Victory Charm*, Worn Sword, White Gauntlet, Windbreaker, Wooden Chestpiece, Wyvern Wing*

Gentlecat Statue*, Glass Flower*, Hand Lantern*, Miniature Castle*, Old Clock*, Picnic Basket*, Sticky Pottery*, Raccoon Statue*

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