Crisis Cannon
Crisis Cannon
Item box
Builds up intense energy then releases it in a burst. Can annihilate enemies and bake potatoes.
Type Parts
Effect ATK+96 DEF-8 MAG+10 MDEF-15
Base price 120000 pix
Buyback price
High:  43200 pix
Normal:  36000 pix
Low:  28800 pix



Can be fused at the Merchant's Guild (Rank 2 Fusion)

Ingredient Amount
Null-partsNull-parts 1
Paralysis CrystalParalysis Crystal 3
Big ScrewBig Screw 3


A bug prevents this weapon from hitting the Slime King when it has reached its smallest size.

Additional Notes

The Crisis Cannon fires fires a penetrating beam that damages everything in straight line. Each shot uses one ammo. It hits instantly and deals a high amount of damage, but the cooldown period is long, which makes Arma vulnerable if she misses a shot. Arma stops while shooting if the area effect or the trap for Icy floor is activated. It is useful for attacking enemies from far away as it has high range, but it requires Arma to be aligned with her target, which can make it difficult to use, especially if the Icy Floor trap is triggered. 

It is difficult to use against Eyebats, Chestnut Thrower Gnolls and Statues in particular, due to the fact that they only fire if the player is in their line of sight. Eyebats and Gnolls can be countered by baiting an attack then firing, while Statues can be countered by either tanking the damage or flanking them, although this is more difficult when there are multiple enemies on screen. Alternatively, one could bring a secondary weapon in order to deal with them more easily. 

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