Cobra Spear
Cobra Spear
Item box
Snakelike spear of an invincible warrior.
The inscription reads... "Beware of alcohol"?...
Type Spears
Equippable by Nagi
Effect ATK+110, DEF-8, MDEF-8
Base price 251000 pix
Buyback price
High:  90360 pix
Normal:  75300 pix
Low:  60240 pix


Rare chest drop inside the Crystal Nightmare and Lapis Ruins.

Additional Notes

The item description is a reference to Romance of the Three Kingdoms / Dynasty Warrior's character Zhang Fei, who wields a spear which is visually similar and had a bad habit of getting drunk. Coincidently, Nagi also drinks a lot but doesn't appear to get drunk.

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