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Charred Lizard
150px-Charred Lizard
A bizarre burned lizard, used in certain kinds of potions, like love potions. Don't try to eat this.
Type Ingredients
Base price 500 pix
Buyback price
High:  180 pix
Normal:  150 pix
Low:  120 pix

Dropped By


Can be used to create:

Azure Necklace (Rank 1 Necklace)

Ingredient Amount
Shell Necklace 1
Charred Lizard 1

Dream Censer (Rank 3 Treasure)

Ingredient Amount
Perfume Staff 2
Insect Trap 30
Charred Lizard 10

Panda Suit (Rank 4 Shirt)

Ingredient Amount
Perfect Shirt 1
Fur Ball 20
Charred Lizard 10
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