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Broken Ring

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Broken Ring
Broken Ring
A shattered ring that has lost any value it once had. Could it be repaired somehow?...
Type Rings
Effect ----
Base price 5 pix
Buyback price
High:  1.8 pix
Normal:  1.5 pix
Low:  1.2 pix

How to get

  • A common drop from Skeletons
  • Received when any type of Ring you are using breaks.


Can be used to create Healing Ring (Rank 1 Ring)

Ingredient Amount
Broken Ring 3
Powerful Antivenom 3
Nut Mix 3

Can be used to create Mystery Ring (Rank 2 Ring)

Ingredient Amount
Broken Ring 10
Gaseous Grass 2

Additional Notes

  • While the Healing Ring will give a little profit, it is not a good use of Nut Mixes which are quite rare.
  • Mystery Rings are a very good profit making item assuming you acquired the Broken Rings from drops rather than costly Rings. Requiring 12 ingredients is a considerable drawback however and in general Broken Rings are not worth bothering with until Endgame.
  • To farm the Broken Ring easily (but perhaps costly) bring as many Willpower Rings as you can into a low level dungeon, and then purposely get hit by the Orange Roper, the ring will be used every time you get hit until it's broken, then replace it with another Willpower Ring and repeat.
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