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Breastplates are a type of Equipment that can be used by Louie, Charme, Tielle, Nagi, Arma and Griff.

List of Breastplates

Name Purchase
ATK DEF MAG MDEF Description Categories Notes
Scrap Plate 140 200 0 8 0 2 A simple breastplate made of scraps of metal hastily sewn together. Suprisingly effective for the price.
Wooden Chestpiece 560 800 0 12 0 4 Better than scraps, a wooden chestpiece still has a tendency to catch fire against certain foes.
Shell Chestpiece 1,960 2,800 0 16 0 10 Desert tortoise shell, adapted for human use. Hard to shape properly, but very effective for the cost.
Chainmail Shirt 5,600 0 20 0 8 Chest armor made of interlinked metal rings. A staple of armies everywhere. Don't wear it on bare skin. Ouch! Level 1 Fusion
Steel Breastplate 5,740 8,200 4 26 0 16 A proper hardened breastplate used by many fighters. Heavy, but still practical for most meelee fighters.
King-shell Chest 12,800 0 30 0 20 Forged of the shells of the Kings of Insects, which can chip any blade. Hard to make, harder to find.
Sandwich Plate 17,500 25000 0 36 0 12 A very strange piece of armor found in ruins. Illegible writing can be seen on it... what's a "tea party"?...
Rainbow Mail 34,300 49,000 -4 42 0 26 Made of a strange ore which changes color depending on the light and angle of viewing.
White Breastplate 76,000 0 50 0 22 Found in the ruins, this breastplate shows no sign of corrosion or damage. People call it a work of art. Level 2 Fusion
Belenite Plate 114,000 0 60 0 34 A breastplate from the age of legends. It shines with an inner light which shows itself at the merest touch.
Valkyrie Plate 204,000 8 72 0 52 Armor of the divine servants of Heaven. Bestows a will of steel upon its (female) wearer. Female only armor
Barrier Plate 306,000 0 99 0 46 Strange, ancient armor which seems to reflect blows with a flash of light. Seems like it's missing something. Level 4 Fusion
Mythic Beast Plate 414,000 0 126 0 60 Made of the gemlike hide of a mythical beast. The power of legend flows through this armor.
Plate of Grief 570,000 15 146 10 42 After the "Seven Day Invasion" ended, this armor was found in a sea of blood. Is that the royal seal?...
Master's Plate 850,000 0 160 0 76 Created via miracle fusion, this armor is the mark of a true master adventurer. Fills the wearer with energy. Level 5 Fusion
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