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Brave Heart
Brave Heart
Item box
Medicines made from this increase a person's courage tremendously. Not actually taken from blue-faced men.
Type Ingredients
Base price 4050 pix
Buyback price
High:  1458 pix
Normal:  1215 pix
Low:  972 pix



Can be used to create Glory Vest Glory Vest (Rank 2 Shirt)

Ingredient Amount
Adventure ClothesAdventure Clothes 3
Brave HeartBrave Heart 1

Can be used to create Platform Shoes Platform Shoes (Rank 2 Shoes)

Ingredient Amount
Battle BootsBattle Boots 1
Brave HeartBrave Heart 1

Can be used to create Eraser Claw Eraser Claw (Rank 4 Claw)

Ingredient Amount
Soul EaterSoul Eater 1
BookRemetogen 1
Brave HeartBrave Heart 1


  • The item name and description is most likely a reference to the movie Braveheart.
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