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Big Screw
Big Screw
A massive screw, found in the ruins. It's hard to tell what kind of metal it's made out of...
Type Ingredients
Base price 7650 pix
Buyback price
High:  2754 pix
Normal:  2295 pix
Low:  1836 pix


Can be found from dungeon bosses.

  • Terran Golem (Obsidian Tower 20F, Lapis Ruins 70F, Crystal Nightmare 42F)
  • Arma (Lapis Ruins 50F, )
  • The Geddon Device (Lapis Ruins 100F)


  • Can be fused into

Level 1 Fusion Machine Claw

Ingredient Amount
Steel Claw 3
Big Screw 1

Level 2 Fusion Crisis Cannon

Ingredient Amount
Null-parts 1
Paralysis Crystal 3
Big Screw 3

Level 3 Fusion School Counter

Ingredient Amount
Polite Children 1
Big Screw 1

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