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Bassmaster Pole
Bassmaster pole
The fishing pole for the true master. You could land the eidolon of fish with this thing.
Type Treasures
Base price 148000 pix
Buyback price
High:  53280 pix
Normal:  44400 pix
Low:  35520 pix


  • Can be randomly sold by customers who the store has a very high reputation with.


Nature's Grace

Ingredient Amount
Mortemirare 1
Abyssal Glaive 1
Bassmaster Pole 1

Additional Notes

  • The most expensive of the four fishing rods, it is primarily used to create the best spear in the game, Nature's Grace.
  • Looks extremely similar to the fishing rods from the Pokemon games.....
  • If one looks closely enough, the ball at then end of the rod's line is identical to a pokeball from the early Pokemon games.
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