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Ak-kai Claw

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Ak-kai Claw
Ak-kai Claw
Item box
Claws of a legendary demon that could travel on water and land. The red color triples their value.
Type Claws
Equippable by Griff
Effect ATK+64
Base price 62000 pix
Buyback price
High:  22320 pix
Normal:  18600 pix
Low:  14880 pix



Can be used to create Tiger CarpetTiger Carpet (Rank 3 Carpet)

Ingredient Amount
Ak-kai ClawAk-kai Claw 1
Cat StatueCat Statue 1
Fur BallFur Ball 10
Evil ClawEvil ClawSteel ClawSteel ClawRending ClawRending ClawMachine ClawMachine ClawCatclawCatclawSpellclawSpellclawAk-kai ClawAk-kai ClawFall From Grace"Fall From Grace"Awakening ClawAwakening ClawSoul EaterSoul EaterFire-Dragon ClawFire-Dragon ClawEraser ClawEraser ClawDark Master ClawDark Master ClawNephilim ClawNephilim ClawOmnipotent ClawOmnipotent Claw

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